on being sick

i have a rotten terrible no good cold. at least it hit the weekend where i don’t have much to do. i made fun plans for myself like going to the coast, getting birthday shopping and some thrifting done and doing crafty projects, but when you can’t breathe normal it makes things hard. i think i got it from being so stressed about personal and school issues. i had to work this morning. i sneezed on virtually everything. all the kids that came to pick up their mail said i looked terrible.  

then this afternoon i read post office and slept. i had dreams that ants were eating my chocolate bars (i’ll tell y’all about my new addiction later). i woke up worried so i moved them to my bedside table/trunk. i can’t eat them since i can hardly eat anything but at least no ants will get them either.

i made a spicy thai soup. i got enough energy to go to shop n kart and buy a bunch of weird chiles, some lemongrass, and red miso. i’ve never bought any of that. i’m excited to play around with the miso though. it has such a good flavor. i also got some juice that was on sale called simply nutritious. it’s some hippy junk but it has echinacea, lemon and ginger. it’s not that bad really. the soup came out real good but also super spicy (this is coming from someone who douses everything in sriacha). i ate a whole bowl and grossed my roommates out with my happy moaning and munching.

now i’m back in bed. i’ve settled in ready to read more bukowski and maybe watch/sleep to madmen. i’m wishing that i had a boyfriend, but if i did i’m sure they’d get annoyed by my snoring and wheezing. what i really want is my mom. she loves me regardless even if i sound like a warthog when i sleep. 

  1. yellowledbelly said: you can have a boyfriend, Duh.
  2. diefienddie said: ah! BORING! SHUT UP! GOSH!
  3. vizwrtsic said: I luff you sicko. and boyfrynds are for chumps.
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